Friday, February 26, 2010

Well the weekend is on us again.. almost 10pm Friday night..
and still so hot it gets hard to breathe..
Its a long weekend here on the west coast.. not sure about the rest of Australia
and im heading south for 3 days.. chasing some cooler weather.. fingers crossed

Before i go.. i have another page using SussieM's beautiful new kit..
A little piece of love
which is available at ScrapBookGraphics now..

and here is a link for my page at DST

so have a wonderful weekend everyone.. hope its relaxing and enjoyable..
catch you guys Monday sometime..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still melting.. it topped a whopping 114 degrees today
or 46 celcius and humid as well
tonight its only going to drop to 81 degrees or 27celcius
and tomorrow gonna be like today..
yep im whining again and soo over it..

I have another page made with Holliewood Studios AWESOME new kit..
this kit has something for everyone.. and all those elements you wished you already had..
its so suitable for any type of page.. :)
its called Thing-Finder and is available at Oscraps

here is my page at DST.. now im running out to get some dinner coz its just too hot to cook..
be back and into DST later


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good afternoon from a hot n horrible Perth
I think im melting right now..

today i have a page made from the so beautifully soft kit Called A little Piece of Love by SussieM Designs..
its gorgeous and has so many beautiful elements
its available now at ScrapBook Graphics
and its on special at the moment..
go check it out..

and here is one of my pages made with the kit..
and the link to it on DST

im going to go jump in a cold shower and hope that helps for 15 mins at least..
have a great day
hugs n love

OMG DST has gone out again.. sighs.. i thought they fixed it..
but........ hmm

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today i have a page made with the new and totally amazing kit called Thing-Finder
by Holliewood Studios and available NOW at Oscraps..
its 20% off today also :)

Its such a versatile kit.. and so easy to use..
go check it out..

my page is simply a statement..
Something i feel strongly about.. Live and let live.. its ok to be different.. and accept and respect others and their individuality..
here it is at DST

have a great day/night


Monday, February 22, 2010

Start of a new week.. Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend..
we are in for a hot hot hot week again this week.. so much for last month of summer
lol it should be winding down by now..

today i have a page using the fantastic freebie by Catherine Designs and Createwings Designs
add on to the Re-Creation 23 Kit..
and available at A5D now..

it just adds to that beautiful kit and the papers are awesome

here is a link to my page at DST

hugs and love

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Have a great weekend everyone..
made this page way back in October.. just lazy and hadnt put it anywhere yet..
i used the kits below on it.. not sure what JL is now.. maybe a freebie.. i just dont know

anyway here is the link for the page at DST

AlineDesigns - PoussieresDeFee
GFD - Be careful what you wish for
JL -Little Nymphe
LediNadi - Visit to gnomes
PBP Collab - Enchanted Pickleberry tree 1 and 2
Suec - Simply Perfect WA

im off for the day now.. stuff to do and BBQ to go to..
stay warm those of you in the northern hemisphere..
hugs n love

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another page using the Love and War kit by Holliewood Designs..
this kit is so versatile and is so easy to do grungy with too..
and i LOVE grungy.. lol i think i have said that before..
anyway.. a bit of a moody page.. like i said in the gallery.. life isnt always wonderful
or even good.. at times it totally sucks and often the reason it sucks.. is coz of relationships..

this is the link to my page at DST

have a wonderful weekend..
and take care

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Im behind again.. ok.. whats new huh.. lol.

today i have a page with Lily Designs fantastic new kit called
Noise and trouble..
its available now at A5D on sale..
go check it out..

and heres a link to my page at DST

i gotta rush coz its dinner time..
but have a great day or night..


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today has just flown, dont know where it really went either
but tonight i have another page made with a Holliewood Designs kit
awesome light and dark kit called Love and War
and its available at Oscraps

and here is a link to my page at DST

off to the galleries in a min.. have a most wonderful day everyone.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Me again.. hehe..
well of course.. who else?

i have that other page today that i made with Holliewood Designs magical new kit..
the one called Spring Faeries which is available at Oscraps

and here is my link for the page at DST

i will be back tomorrow with another page from a differnt kit :)..

and just on another note.. as i feel that i dont tell people enough..
i want to thank all you genuine ladies that i have met through scrapping for your friendships..
i have met some wonderful people on line.. and a special thanks to Tara [Tarty00].. we have been friends for so long now and i cant even begin to tell anyone how much she means to me or how much she has helped me..
i have met other people online that are also very special in my life.. but they arent people who are involved or active in the scrapping community so i wont mention any names.. they know who they are.

take care everyone..
hugs n love

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hi :)
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a Happy Valentines Day too..

today i have a page made with Holliewoods Designs latest kit called
Spring Faeries Its a gorgeous kit and the possibbilities are limitless..
i have another page but will post that tomorrow

here is my link to the layout on DST for anyone who would like to see it in a larger size

have a Fantastic day..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just a quick note to wish you guys a wonderful weekend..
Yay start of the winter olympics too
i love seeing all the icy stuff seeing as we dont ever have any.. lol

its Saturday and im off soon to my weekly meet up with my buddies..'

hugs and love

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hey there.. me again.. :)

today i have a new page from such a soft and pretty new kit by Palvinka Designs..
its called Step by Step and is available right now at Shabby Pickle Designs..
below is my page and here is the link at DST.. and then the kit previews..

and now.. im going to have a bit of a rant.. so im off to get my soapbox out of storage

Yesterday i witnessed some totally prejudicial behavior at a major scrap site..
Apparently.. by the powers that be at this particular site.. if you do a scrap.. especially a fantasy type or extraction type/scene and use a stock image.. then.. its simply nothing but advertising..
A LO designer was singled out and a thread started about this..
now my take on scrapping is its not only about family photos.. but about artistic expression..
there are so many different styles and i love them all..
so many different ways to use a kit... thats what is so magical about it all.. its all in the interpretation..
now how.. these particular Admin people can be so narrow minded is beyond me..
and how some people can make statements about a scrap being meaningless if it has no
'memory/sentimental' value..
im like wow.. do people really think in this way.. what about all the RAKs that are made.. although not your own memories.. they are someones.. and why are they deemed to be meaningless??
how is a scrap LO designer supposed to grow? how do we extend ourselves if we were all to think this way?
and why does a LO have to have sentimental meaning [ie photos of your own children] to be actually classed as a scrap.. it was mentioned that those of us who use the extraction/scene style are not really scrapbookers.. but artbookers..

and why.. are those of us who love to try something different and dont just make the same 'traditional' pages are accused of just making pages for advertising purposes only..
yep im raving.. i was soo grrrrrrrrrr about all this yesterday..
what about scrapbooking makes it that is has to stagnate and not evolve?
what rules are there regarding style?
its just blown me all away and i just had to have a rant on here about it all..
anyway.. the thread has been killed..
maybe those of us who opposed it and stood up for what we believe in made them feel so insecure that they couldnt allow it to be viewed any longer.. or maybe they just realised how their words and actions were going to be perceived by the scrapping world as word got around..
who knows their reasons...
but.. what i do know.. is my gallery is gone from there [ i removed it myself] and i wont be posting a page there again..

ok thanks for sure i have repeated myself.. over and over