Monday, August 15, 2011

Ankh [All about Egypt] kit and AddOn by me :)

We have cool and rain today and im so happy about that :) 
Hope this week is a awesome one for you all.. 
Love.. Peace and Happiness

Today i have  a new kit and AddOn with Jumbo ATC Papers in the shop and both have 20% off until Wednesday. Be sure to check out the screenshots in the detailed images for a full idea of whats in the Kit/AddOn

There is previews and links below followed by some Pieces and Layouts that some of my CT have created up until i put them together.. Thank you ladies.. You're the best..

Ankh [All about Egypt]

Ankh ATC AddOn


And the pages from my CT girls [I have grouped them by size]

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sale Sale Sale - 20% Off Storewide

Im having a sale at my shop at Deviant Scrap :)
and that would be HERE
There is 20% off everything until Sunday night US time.. so if there is something you had your eye on.. now is the time to pop in and grab it.. :)

The week has gone by so fast again.. its been a busy week too
with a lot to find time to squeeze in..
its been snowing like crazy at Perisher in the Victorian Alps
but here.. sunny with blue skies..
it gets to be completely boring... i think we have sun something like 10.5 months a year...
some real winter would be nice.. :)
i think i need to immigrate LOL

I have a new kit and ATC addon coming this Monday.. so i will be back to post again then..
have a wonderful weekend when it gets here keep it safe

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MissBehaving Workshops - Fantasy Style Layouts

3 posts in 3 days.. OMG what is happening to me.. LOL.. I'm becoming a blog junkie..

Today I want to tell you all about MissBehaving Workshops..
MissBehaving who will be called either Miss or MissB for the remainder of this post as im both lazy at typing and used to calling her that :)

Miss makes the most fabulous and exquisite fantasy layouts.. i love to see her finished work..which is just nothing short of amazing.. as is her vision..
a bit further down i will add a few of the layouts she has done using my kits..
so you can all be blown away too :)

Anyway.. what i started to tell you about was a workshop Miss has coming up
it is open now for pre-registration and will be commencing on September 1st 2011.. 
So dont miss it..
You can find it in MissB's shop at Deviant Scrap
If you ever wanted to do these type of layouts and weren't sure how..
now is your chance to find out.. 
The Fantasy Workshop will give you step-by-step instructions on how to create a photo-manipulated layout and includes materials.
-Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate
-Instructions performed in PhotoShop CS

As a MissBehaving Workshop Member, you will receive the following benefits:
  • A video tutorial with detailed easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Each tutorial will come with a PDF file that will be yours to save.
  • Gain Access to the upcoming Miss Behaving Workshop forum where there will be one-on-one instruction.
  • Class assignments where you will receive Constructive help and tips.
  • Full kit "Pixie's Playground" by Cryztal Rain [Hey.. thats Me :) ] which includes: 18 scene papers and 138 elements. (Pixie's Playground Kit will be available once the workshop has begun.)
The following material will be covered:
I. Creating a Concept
2. Extraction Methods
3. How to Blend Backgrounds
4. Layer Masks
5. Color Balance/Variations
6. Hue/Saturation
7. Realistic Shadows
8. Texture
9. Dodge Tool
10. Burn Tool
  Pre-registrations starts now as class size is limited.
OK firstly the Workshop Preview, followed by the kit that is supplied with the workshop and then onto some of the pages MissB has
created using some of my packs..

I look forwards to maybe seeing you at the workshop
Workshop Preview

 A Pixies Playground

 and... some pages by MissB
each page is linked to the Deviant Scrap Gallery for full credits and to view it at a decent size..



The double page below is linked to Flickr

Monday, August 1, 2011

Its all about Art Therapy

Back again.. and on time too LOL..
I hope you all have your copy of the Deviant Muse.. [Available at Deviant Scrap] Its Free so go grab it if you dont.. :)
Hollies Editorial about Art Journalling was said so well.. And also a big  thanks to the girls who put the work in to get the Muse out there for us all..  You can get the Deviant Muse  HERE

This week.. inspired by the Muse theme i have an ArtTherapy Kit, an ArtTherapy Words pack and a matching Alpha Pack too. All on sale in my Shoppe at Deviant Scrap until Wednesday August 3.
There is nothing like art to lift you from a funk.. to get you though a bad day, when we are creating, we feel good about ourselves. There is nothing like therapy to get rid of the baggage, put them both together and we have a winning combination.. This kit is all about Art in Therapy, or, Art as Therapy and is filled with beautiful sunny colours and elements, and a few not so sunny ones too for those moments that just need to be expressed.
111 Elements, 9 12x12 Papers and 9 7x5 Papers

There is 63 words and or phrases in this pack. Along with 1 blank journal strip for your own thoughts or quotes, and 16 various fasteners to help you attach them wherever they need to be attached :)

 Alpha comes in Upper and Lower case, Numbers 0-9 and [ ! ? & ] It also has 8 thumbtacks/pins [6 in multicolours] and [a Gold and a Silver] too

Now for the previews :)

The Kit

The Words

The Alpha

And now.. some Creative Team Inspiration..
i thank you ladies for your wonderful artsy creations