Thursday, September 29, 2011

All Hallows Eve..

Hi again.. Just popping back to post about my new stuff thats in the shop at Deviant Scrap
There is a kit and 2 packs. All on sale until Wednesday Night

Nothing beats a haunted moonlit night on All Hallows Eve....
This kit has everything you need to make a fun or spooky page.. to scrap your Halloween Memories or use to make your invites.. When Halloween is over its still useful for any darkish type of art you may have in mind.. Spooktacular :) The kit is HUGE with 152 Elements and 18 Papers [plus a bonus paper] all created in 300 DPI and for Personal Use.. Be sure to check out the detailed images for a preview of the elements and papers
When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween.
There are 9 brushed Halloween or spooky clusters in this pack.. Perfect to just give a finishing touch to a  Art project or Invitation.. Created in 300 DPI for Personal Use

May Jack-o-lanterns burning bright.. Of soft and golden hue.. Pierce through the futures veil and show.. What fate now holds for you.
It will soon be Halloween and these versatile papers in Autumn colours would work so well for art pages or to make your Halloween or Thanksgiving invitations..
There are 9 High Resolution 7x5 [2100x1500] Personal Use papers.
Below are all the previews followed by my pages made using the kit/packs
thanks so much for looking

All Hallows Eve Kit
All Hallows Eve Clusters
All Hallows Eve Jumbo ATC PP
and my Pages using them..
There is 2 versions of 1 of the pieces..

Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Blog Freebie

I hope everyone had a awesome weekend..
It's into Spring here and getting warmer.. damnit..
but today is rainy and cool which is always a good thing..
I have some new products in my shop at Deviant Scrap HERE and I will post about them in a little while
But for now I just want to put through this small blog freebie I have for you..

There are 3 versions of the skull 2 have extra borders around them..
Hope you enjoy it.. You can download it HERE

Be back soon :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Papers Papers and more Papers - New and on Sale

Hi everyone.. hope the weekend was wonderful..
Although its spring in Australia.. this week I have 3 autumn paper packs  because its Autumn in the majority of the world and I wish it was here again too :) I love the colours and the cooler weather that Autumn brings..

The packs are all on sale in my store at Deviant Scrap until Wednesday

1st - Scenic 12x12 PP: FlameTrees

2nd - Jumbo ATC 7x5 PP: AutumnTones Jumbo ATC PP

3rd - AutumnLeaf 12x12 PP:  AutumnFoliage PP

Previews below.. followed by some pages made by my wonderful CT girls.. and Then.. still not finished.. there is my page made with Hollies new kit.. 

Thanks for looking Have the best week ever.. :)

Next week i have some Halloween things and a freebie too..

Flame Trees PP

Autumn Tones Jumbo ATC PP

Autumn Foliage PP

My pages
Using Flame Trees
Using Autumn Tones Jumbo ATC PP

CT Pages
Flame Trees PP

Autumn Tones Jumbo ATC PP

Autumn Foliage PP

Hollie has a brilliant new kit out... its called Broken  - "Not all that are broken are lost."
Life isn't perfect. Some times we feel lost or broken. We see dreams shattered like glass. Pieces left in the trash. It's all real and it has a place in our art, our pages.
Its in the store now at Deviant Scrap...
You can see it HERE

My page using the kit then the kit preview.. my page is linked to my Deviant Scrap Gallery

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Pixies Playground and AddOn..

hello.. im trying to find my way round this new blogger.. it just feels weird..
Plus i have a really bad chest infection and flu and a huge headache so not the time to play with something new.. lol..
I hope that you all had a great weekend.. a fun Fathers Days for those who had it last Sunday and a Labor Day weekend for all the Americans :)

I have 2 new products in the shop at Deviant Scrap [which are on sale until Wednesday] and one from last week too which i forgot to post about.. i think my head is empty..
so i will get them done all in this one post..
Be sure to go check them out and all the detailed images in the shop to show you exactly what youre getting.. :)

Ok..Firstly we have the - A Pixies Playground
Where Pixies play.. soft shaded grass and bubbling brooks and streams.. filtered sunlight and forest clearings.. You can just imagine pixies elves and fairies happily playing... this kit has everything you need to make your own magical scene with 18 beautiful scenic papers, it also has a huge 123 elements
Everything was created in 300 dpi..
Not all shown on preview... No shadows in kit.
This AddOn has 6 papers and 30 elements... I aimed this one more at traditioning scrapping or journaling with no scenic papers and elements suitable for clustering.. 
Everything was created in 300 dpi..
Not all shown on preview... No shadows in kit.
 One of my older packs -
 perfectly with these kits..

Last week there was - Butterfly Clusterz # 2
Some more Butterfly brush clusters to jazz up you artwork.. Image pack and an ABR file
This set contains-
9 Clustered Butterfly Brushes in ABR format
9 Clustered Butterfly PNG format images in Monochrome
all created in 300dpi
Now i will get to the previews all in same order as listed.. then some CT inspiration.. :)
The Kit

The AddOn

PixieWingz [older pack]

Butterfly Clusterz #2 in Monochrome

And now we are onto the CT Pages..
A Pixies Playground
My page full sized

From the AddOn

From the Butterfly Clusterz #2
my page full sized

But... Im not finished yet..
Evelyn aka Finecrafted Designs has a new kit out too..
and this is what Ev writes about her kit
Well its September, and that means it's back to school time! Have a little fun sending these Gothic Fairy Children back to class!
Take a look at the detailed images for all of the wonderfully creepy things included!

The kit preview then my page using it..

well now i think im going to go veg out on the sofa .. coz i feel crappy and worn out..
i just needed to get this done.. and there isnt anyone else who can or wants to do it for that matter.. lol
have a great week