Monday, March 29, 2010

Boy Needful Bundle

Wow its only a few days until i go away at Easter
Thursday morning my time im leaving until Monday evening..
looking forwards to some cooler weather and mostly.. some chocolate eggs :)
chocolat2 cocolate 1

Today i have a page made with Natali Designs awesome new bundle and alpha set called Boy Needful, Its available now as a bundle or for separate purchase..
at ScrapBookGaphics..

here is a link to my page at DST

thanks for looking and have the best day possible :)

hugs n love

Friday, March 26, 2010

Good evening from West Australia :)
almost the weekend and im looking forwards to it
hope yours is wonderful

i have another page using the fantastic Hanging words Re-Creation 23
and the ReCreation 23 kit by Catherine Designs and Createwings Designs
i soo Love this kit.. lol i think i have said that everytime i make a page with it..
but its so versatile and has everything you need

here is a link to my page at DST

take care
hugs and luvvvvv

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hey its me again :)
everything has dried out.. windows are fixed.. sun is shining its like nothing happened, cept to all those who unluckily got serious damage o the 10,000 households still without power
at the bottom im going to post a couple of pictures of some of the storm aftermath

Today i have a page
Catherine Designs and Createwings Designs have come together to make these unique and versatile hanging words to add that special touch to your pages. Each word is custom made with beautiful realistic details
they are called - Re-Creation 23 Hanging Words and are available now at A5D

i also used the Re-Creation 23 kit and the Creation 23 kit both by Catherine Designs and Createwings Designs and available also at A5D
i love these kits and they just keep getting better and better each time something new comes out.. :)

here is the link to my page at DST

thanks for looking.. have a wonderful day :)

Frances i replied to your post from the other day :)

hugs n love

i havent ever seen hail this size before.. thats a mans hand its in
so many people were injured when the hail started.. people who were outside walking for whatever reason.. lots of people had head wounds that required suturing

the window damage like this was everywhere

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here comes the spring kit and a note

Hey there :) long time since i posted in here

just a note to say i havent been about as we had the biggest storm i have ever lived through yesterday..
it came out of nowhere.. and although it was forecast it was so hot and sunny yesterday that we just thought yeah right..
they been telling us we would have rain since xmas and it hasnt happened..
one moment its cooking hot.. next the sky was black as ink and then wow.. wind and rain but the biggest damn hailstones i have ever seen.. smashed 3 of our windows.. and did major damage all over the city..
some roofs were ripped off in some areas.. and trees came down.. big trees.. lightening hit lots of trees too
we had flash flooding everywhere as well..
the metro area here is built on a clay base.. and coz we havent had any rain at all since november 2nd.. its very hard and water takes ages to drain through it and soften in.. so the flash flooding happened quick
power went out and it was like night at 4pm.. usually its 7.30 or so before it gets that dark.. i havent ever seen my city look that black.. we had no streetlights or traffic lights and it was kinda creepy.. so was sleeping in a black house with broken
we had no phones and even a cell tower went near us.. so i had no cell phone i couldnt get a signal till this morning..
and even now its dropping in and out.. we just got our power back after 20 hours without
although it was storming.. it was hot as hell and humid and we had no airconditioning of course as no power
altogether a shitty night.. cept the rain part was good to have..
and we have similar forecast for next 24 hours.. so i dont know if i will be here or not..
today i had a new page made with SussieM's gorgeous gorgeous new kit called 'Here comes the spring'
and its available now at ScrapBookGraphics. go check it out.. its so awesome

and here is a link to my page at DST


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Blog layout

Yay.. i made my first blog design ever
and its even up and looks right.. thanks to Tara [Tarty00] for all her help n changing templates etc.. im soo 'duh' about it all..
hell i didnt even know what divider meant LOL

the blog layout was all made from SussieM's Scrap kits
Metallic Alpha

Went to my nannas for lunch today and totally pigged out..
now i feel stuffed and have no energy and just need to sleep
but its too late to have a sleep now..
so i will go veg out in front of tv instead.. and maybe read.. have gotten back into reading last few weeks..
on the way home today a truck lost its load right as it was going past me.. huge sheets of wood and big long and thick planks went everywhere.. and i thought i was gonna have one come through the front window so had to slam on the brakes then duck down lower than the steering wheel.. its not fun pulling up when you cant see a damn thing thats happening.. but luckily they hit the road just before my car bonnet [hood] and slid under the car... they hit my front tyres really hard.. but no actual damage that i can see.. another car got a huge plank through his rear side window.. it was so lucky he didnt have any kids in the car..

hope you all have a great week
hugs n love

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday is here again..and its hard to believe its into the 2nd week of March.. Autumn for us here.. and today is around 105 degrees.. i cant wait for some cooler weather..
will be going away again for Easter so hopefully.. by then it will have cooled of to just perfect..

I have exciting news today.. i have joined Dawn at CreateWings Designs CT.. and im so looking forwards to working with her and all her team in the future :) yay :)

Today i have a page using Catherine Designs new Pele Mele Spring Variation kit
which is available at A5D
and i also used Catherines new Feelin' Springy Alpha.. also available at A5D

and here is the link to my page at DST

Have a wonderful weekend..
stay safe
hugs n love

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today.. better late than never as the saying goes..
dont ask.. LOL its been a bugger of a week..
i have a page made with the Shabby Pickle collab called Spring Concerto..
and available at Shabby Pickle Designs

and here is my page at DST

enjoy the rest of your week..
and take care..

Friday, March 5, 2010

Its almost bedtime.. but.. before i go i want to post another page.. It was made using the lovely new collab Happy Spring by the A5D girls which is on sale now
and also
Catherine Designs new March Shot Feeling Springy.. which is also available at A5D now

and here is my page at DST

Have a great weekend
hugs and love

Already Friday lunchtime.. wow.. where did the week go..

my page today was made using the new March Shot 'Feeling Springy'
by Catherine Designs and is available now at A5D
go check it out.. its gorgeous.. and while youre there have a look at the new A5D Collab
Happy Spring
i have a page to put up using that later..

here is the link to my page below at DST

hugs n love..
have a great weekend