Friday, February 12, 2010

Hey there.. me again.. :)

today i have a new page from such a soft and pretty new kit by Palvinka Designs..
its called Step by Step and is available right now at Shabby Pickle Designs..
below is my page and here is the link at DST.. and then the kit previews..

and now.. im going to have a bit of a rant.. so im off to get my soapbox out of storage

Yesterday i witnessed some totally prejudicial behavior at a major scrap site..
Apparently.. by the powers that be at this particular site.. if you do a scrap.. especially a fantasy type or extraction type/scene and use a stock image.. then.. its simply nothing but advertising..
A LO designer was singled out and a thread started about this..
now my take on scrapping is its not only about family photos.. but about artistic expression..
there are so many different styles and i love them all..
so many different ways to use a kit... thats what is so magical about it all.. its all in the interpretation..
now how.. these particular Admin people can be so narrow minded is beyond me..
and how some people can make statements about a scrap being meaningless if it has no
'memory/sentimental' value..
im like wow.. do people really think in this way.. what about all the RAKs that are made.. although not your own memories.. they are someones.. and why are they deemed to be meaningless??
how is a scrap LO designer supposed to grow? how do we extend ourselves if we were all to think this way?
and why does a LO have to have sentimental meaning [ie photos of your own children] to be actually classed as a scrap.. it was mentioned that those of us who use the extraction/scene style are not really scrapbookers.. but artbookers..

and why.. are those of us who love to try something different and dont just make the same 'traditional' pages are accused of just making pages for advertising purposes only..
yep im raving.. i was soo grrrrrrrrrr about all this yesterday..
what about scrapbooking makes it that is has to stagnate and not evolve?
what rules are there regarding style?
its just blown me all away and i just had to have a rant on here about it all..
anyway.. the thread has been killed..
maybe those of us who opposed it and stood up for what we believe in made them feel so insecure that they couldnt allow it to be viewed any longer.. or maybe they just realised how their words and actions were going to be perceived by the scrapping world as word got around..
who knows their reasons...
but.. what i do know.. is my gallery is gone from there [ i removed it myself] and i wont be posting a page there again..

ok thanks for sure i have repeated myself.. over and over


Frances said...

Heather ... do you have another soapbox I can stand on with you? I'm so glad I didn't see this thread you have mentioned. I would have been so upset. I sometimes wonder how my pages with stock photos and extractions are being perceived; if they are looked upon as true "scraps" since they are not personal photos. I guess I now know. I totally, totally agree with everything you have said. You have said it perfectly. And I for one am very glad you got on your soapbox. The only joy I get out of "scrapping" is being able to do my own self-expression and style. I don't want to fit into the mold and do what everyone else is doing. And I'm sure that is one of the things that really draws me to you; you don't want to fit into the mold, either. I sure hope this type of thinking is not terribly prevalent on the sites we frequent. But it sounds like it might be. Oh well. Keep on doing the wonderful art that you are doing. I am in love with your style. And if a page doesn't speak in some fashion, it feels kind of like a letdown to me. I want to "feel" something when I see a layout. It's always a pleasant surprise when that happens. Even though I can appreciate the wonderful, amazing talent of so many scrappers who are so much better than I am, I don't want to become "better" if I have to lose my own self-expression. Anyway, now I am ranting, too. Thanks for sharing, Heather. And by the way, your page is amazingly beautiful. Of course! Thanks so much for GSO today. I was beginning to get paranoid that my work must be pretty crummy. Hugs to you ...

heather said...

Frances.. i hope you read this..
there is NOTHING crumby about your pages.. i love the way you express yourself.. and i dont ever do a GSO just to do one.. sometimes i just dont have time to do the GSO's i would like to do.. but i never do one on a page i dont LOVE

Yep its a sad state of affairs when people let their narrow mindedness out and 'gang up' on a person.. And im not so sure its how most people think even.. but its sad when the Admin of a site thinks this way.. i dont care if they call me an Artbooker.. i use mostly stock images and i will continue to mix it up with different types of pages..
Love your indivuality Frances..

TRACEY said...

well heather its like this.. my style is not going to change for anyone .. I take pride and pleasure in EVERY page that I compose.
Its a form of art, a way to express ourselves.. and if I havent the photos myself.. I do use stock images, my pages are not for memories..(at the moment anyway)but a way of expressing for me..(and I have my reason for this)

I really get on a high when I am in the gallery.. looking at the different styles.. watching someone grow with their scrapping, I try and comment on each page that jumps out at me in the gallery and I certainly do not judge anyone that might be scrapping different to me.. be whether its traditional or extraction work.

I will not let anyone bully me nor tell me how I am going to design a page (traditional non traditional).. the day that happens is the day I leave ALL forums and Creative Teams.

why all of a sudden do we need to explain ourselves on our we scrap???

People need to leave others alone.. and concentrate on your own style its a sad time when even the scrapping world is scrapping with each other... VERY SAD INDEED!!

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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