Monday, June 28, 2010

New packs from TumbleFishStudios

Hi... hope youre week is starting well
i have a chest and sinus infection so yucky
hate being sick..

i have a new page made from the new packs by TumbleFishStudios at
Deviant Scrap.. im still getting my head round this style of art..
i always love what others have done.. not so happy with my own..

also have another Inchie if you havent taken part in the Challenge at Deviant Scrap
go have a try.. these are so fun to make..

for full credits on my Piece for Marsha there is a link above my page
and same for the Inchie.. :)

take care

TumbleFishStudios - new packs

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sometimes love... it just aint enough

wow.. well we have another weekend upon us already
this year is just flying
we have had our coldest ever temps these last few days..
and im loving it even if im in a constant state of shivering.. lol
i hope you all have a wonderful weekend

i have a page today.. made with a few of Holliewood Studios kits
and a shit load of my brushes.. can we say shitload on blog?
ohh well i just did so i guess we can lol

to see full credits for the page
here it is at Deviant Scrap
and at DST


Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello everyone on this beautiful sunny yet very cold day
well cold for what we usually get here anyway..

i have another page made with Holliewood Studios newest kit

this time i went a bit different and blended some elements into the image plus i brushed it quite a lot.. im so addicted to brushes i sometimes forget to stop

everything is either Hollies kit or my brushes
the image was stock

thanks for looking and below is 2 links to the page at both Deviant Scrap and at DST
My page at Deviant
My page at DST

have a great day

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Enchanted Forest

Hi.. hi... hi.. :)

Today i have 2 pages made with parts of the new 'set' thats all part of the Creative Fusion
'Once Upon a Time' its all on special for a few days at ScrapBookGraphics

the 1st one is 'Enchanted Forest' by sussieM
and its just gorgeous.... so beautifully put together by Marzenka..
its really a must have

and the Second page was made using Em-Ka's part [along with some of the sussieM kit]
which is called 'Mother Goose' and wow.. another beautifully crafted mini..
they compliment each other so beautifully too..

there are links to galleries too with both pages.. just above them..
Em-Ka's isnt in DST yet as its pointless to post them at the same time because the 1st post gets 'covered' by the 2nd one and doesnt show in the main gallery..
it will be there tomorrow

Enchanted Gathering [made with sussieM's part]

Sprinkling Faeriedust [using Em-Ka and sussieM minis]

Monday, June 21, 2010

Void at Deviant Scrap

Hi everyone.. hope your week is going along well

today i have 2 new pages made with Holliewood Studios fabulous and dark and black too new kit called Void.. its available now at Deviant Scrap with 20% off.
its awesome having such a dark kit in colour and theme.. and soo worth having in your scrap collection

here are links to my pages at Deviant Scrap where you can see the credits and a larger size if you want to..


Feel the Darkness


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Inchies Challenge at Deviant Scrap

Hollie at Deviant Scrap is holding the mother of all challenges..
you can find it here.. and the template to base it on is there as a psd and png
and its also a freebie..

this was literally a challenge but it was also sooooooo enjoyable..
i hope you go and take part in it and have some fun
the challenge runs for a month and Hollie is giving a $10 gift certificate to her store..

here is my inchie and a link to it at DST
for the credits and to see it a bit bigger
coz im sure its not gonna be so easy to see at the blog image upload size

and here is a link to it on flickr where i have it as an 800x800

have a great day

Dirty Corner

Today i have 2 pages made with Dani [High Four Designs] fantastic new kit
its called Dirty Corner and its available now at Angells Scrap Shop
on sale at the moment :)

here are my pages and the preview too

Shabby Street at DST
Messy Mice as DST

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cute as a button

Hi :)

today i have a page using the new collab
by Lily Designs and Kimla Designs
called - Cute as a button
its available now at A5D
there is also an addon by each designer
Lilys AddOn
Kimlas AddOn

and a freebie too

here is my page at DST


Collab -Cute as a button

Lily's addon

Kimlas addon


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

City Limits

Hope you all had a brilliant weekend and that the week is kicking along in a good way

Today i have a new page made with Marsha from Tumble Fish Studios new City Limits pack
its available now as pngs or a collage sheet
choice is yours :)
here is a link to Tumble Fish Studios at Deviant Scrap

i also used a couple of Holliewood Studios kits too and some of my brushes

and here is a link to my page at Deviant Scrap and at DST
where the full credits are listed

and have a great day