Friday, April 30, 2010

Introducing Tumble Fish Studios

Hey again..

im back.. a day late.. but i finally made it..

i have some pieces that are a style completely new to me..
Marsha.. from Tumble Fish Studios who is a mixed media artist
has just started to design her own packs..
and she has come on board at Deviant Scrap
Marshas stuff is just beautiful and its given me something new to play with
and a variety of new styles to learn.. im such a beginner but its a lot of fun
and im loving it.. plus its like a colour infusion as everything is so bright and cheerful..
Here is a link to her shoppe
and one to Marshas' blog which is so so so worth a look..
the pieces on there are just plain awesome
please go pay Marsha a visit at Deviant scrap and perhaps join into some of her challenges on there..
and even more exciting than all.. is that im now on Marshas CT
Yay Yay :)

here are some of my pieces the titles are linked to piece in the gallery
and below them.. a few previews of some of the packs
by Tumble Fish Studios

Vege Patch

Sea of Love [Challenge Piece]

Postcard [Challenge Piece]

Vanity [my very first one for Marsha]

now some of Marshas Packs..


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 pages with new designs by Holliewood Studios

hey people.. im behind.. lol thats all i seem to say lately..
but its true..and its getting worse by the day..
im having new glasses made and im wearing 3 year old prescription ones while i wait..

headaches and blurred vision.. no fun at all
i paid a lot for my frames they are Prada and so i am having them remade.. thats why the 3 year old ones.. what can i say.. im cheap lol
i havent been in DST for maybe 2 weeks..
and i doubt i will be before next week

anyway.. today i have 2 pages made with Hollie from Holliewood Studios fantastic new kits that are available at Deviant Scrap
if you havent looked at the site yet.. what are you waiting for??? :)
its so worth it.. and the gallery there has some awesome new pages ..
its a huge hodgepodge of scrap alternate art and mixed media.. and wow..
its like a creative journey just browsing..
Hollie has some free stuff there too.. so go sign up and get that all downloaded..
and Tangie Baxter is the 1st Guest designer

tomorrow i will be back and introduce Marsha from Tumble Fish Studios to ya'll

here are links to my pages at Deviant Scrap
and below my pages.. Hollies 2 newest kits

Back to Nature


have a great day..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Note about Deviant Scrap

for a short time the shoppe at Holliewood Designs new site Deviant Scrap will be unavailable
there are some opening day 'hiccups' and the shoppe keeps crashing.. its being worked on.. so bear with them and
it will be fixed as soon as possible..
so try back a bit later..

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blast off for Deviant Scrap

Holliewood Studios new site Deviant Scrap is now open
go check it out.. lots of new things heavily discounted for the first week
Vouchers to be won in Scrap Challenges and the shop Lotto
Marsha - Tumble Fish Studios has joined Hollie.. Marsha is a mixed media artist
and we have Tangie Baxter as the first guest Designer..
so come and join us all there for a scrap site/forums and gallery with a different take on things
know you will love it..


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Countdown is on

Be sure to sign up on Hollies blog so you find out the latest news
only 5 days to go..
i cant wait !!!!!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Wanna Run with Scissors?

Like to be different?
heres a teaser from Holliewood Studios

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hi people :)
havent had much sleep and im a bit of a zombie right now.. i have a pinched nerve inn my back and its giving me hell
so if i stuff up.. im apologising in advance lol
today i have a page made with Lily Designs new kit 'Sea Foam'
which is available now at A5D

here is my page at DST

hugs and love
be back tomorrow with 'teaser' re Holliweood designs news

Monday, April 12, 2010

Holliewood Studios has some BIG NEWS :)

There is some exciting news today from Holliewood Studios

So head over and sign up for the newsletter at Hollies blog so you will know as soon as its all revealed on the 26th April
You wont be sorry!!!!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

New - Spring Garden

Its the weekend again.. and time to go do some BBQing with friends
but i wanted to put my page in here first and wish you all a wonderful weekend..

todays page is with the beautiful new kit by NatashaNaSt Designs called Spring Garden and is available right now at Shabby Pickle with a 35% saving.. so go check it out..

and here is the link to my page at DST

hugs n luv

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April shots and A5D April collab

Im so behind because of Easter and with so many kits coming out the same day
im including 3 April shots and the A5D collab in todays blog post..
all 3 April shots are on sale for $2 each and such a bargain..
and the collab is on sale for $5 at the moment.. but be quick... coz im behind and im not sure how many more days they will be these prices

so.. here we are.. in same order as the kits were in the CT Forums

Catherine Designs has a stunning new Mini kit that compliments the A5D collab.. its called Petit Jardin and its simply beautiful my page with Catherines Mini also used the collab

Dawn from Createwings Designs Mini is called Little Garden AddOn and once again.. a fabulously gorgeous addition to the collab.. my page with Dawns mini also included the collab

Lily Designs April shot is also called Little Garden AddOn and is also nothing short of Fabulous..
my page using JJ's mini also includes the collab..

so wow.. these kits ALL compliments the collab and are sooooo a must have..
this was one of the best A5D collabs i have and having the added bonus of these mini kit addons just made a great kit awesome.. lol can you tell i love it?

A5D collab link

here are my links at DST..

Catherine Designs Page at DST

Createwings Designs Page at DST

Lily Designs Page at DST


Catherine Designs Page
Createwings Designs page
Lily Designs Page

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I love IceCream

Hi :)
hope you all had a wonderful easter
i did.. it was cooler and we had some rain.. did some 4WDing and ate out a lot
was a nice break from the normal

today.. better late than never as the saying goes
i have a page made with the gorgeous new kit by Holliewood Studios
called 'Ice Cream Shoppe'
its available now at Shabby Pickle Designs where Hollie is a Guest for the month of April
if you dont already have it.. go check it out :)
and here is the link to my page at DST

hugs n love