Friday, March 16, 2012

Finally im blogging again.. Yay :)

Life has been hectic.. one thing after another since Christmas..
Family Illness and my own injury.. i jumped off a wall onto a broken bottle that was hidden in the sand.. ouch... i hate stitches.. plus i injured my knee when i fell sideway as the bottle sliced my toes..
so im having a whine.. LOL..

anyway i have had 2 new products since i last blogged.. and i will be having a new Collection in the shop on Monday.. so watch out for that..
Now.. for the most recent that just went into the shop today.. 
so i will talk about that one first..

Halftone Brush and Image Pack.. PU or Scrap4Hire
Halftone, it makes a perfect backing for layouts and artwork, gives a little bit of grunge or a pop of colour wherever you need it..
There are 20 pngs in the image pack and 10 brushes in the ABR
Everything created in 300DPI..
Its on sale until Sunday night..
 and you can find it HERE

Halftone Brushes for Commercial Use
Same brushes as the PU ones but no image pack is included
an ABR file with everything created in 300dpi..
and you can find them HERE

Here is the preview.. and then i will go onto last weeks new stuff..

I didnt give the girls on my CT any time with these at all.. but here is a page Patty
got done for me.. :)

OK now onto last weeks new kit..
and below that my cute and cuddly Fuzzies pack which is also available in Commercial Use..

Kindred Spirits
A kindred Spirit: a person who shares beliefs, attitudes, feelings, or features with another. Also called a Kindred Soul, a Soul Mate, Twin souls, or Twin Flames.
Its a word that i first heard in Anne of Green Gables when i was a kid and it can be so appropriate to certain friendships or loves.
I hope you all have at least 1 kindred spirit in your life.
Everything is created in 300dpi and for personal use and Scrap4Hire only please.
124 Elements and 12 Papers.. 
You can find it HERE

Fuzzies PU & Scrap4Hire
9 Delightful fuzzy creatures, 8 bears and 1 rabbit..
"Teddybears dont need hearts, they are already stuffed with love" :)
Png Files - all created in 300 DPI and for Personal Use only
You can find those HERE

Fuzzies Commercial Use
Same cuties as the PU version
and you can find these HERE

Now onto those Previews and some of the Beautiful CT work using the kit..

Kindred Spirits


CT pages [Alphabetically]

thanks for reading this far :)



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