Thursday, April 8, 2010

April shots and A5D April collab

Im so behind because of Easter and with so many kits coming out the same day
im including 3 April shots and the A5D collab in todays blog post..
all 3 April shots are on sale for $2 each and such a bargain..
and the collab is on sale for $5 at the moment.. but be quick... coz im behind and im not sure how many more days they will be these prices

so.. here we are.. in same order as the kits were in the CT Forums

Catherine Designs has a stunning new Mini kit that compliments the A5D collab.. its called Petit Jardin and its simply beautiful my page with Catherines Mini also used the collab

Dawn from Createwings Designs Mini is called Little Garden AddOn and once again.. a fabulously gorgeous addition to the collab.. my page with Dawns mini also included the collab

Lily Designs April shot is also called Little Garden AddOn and is also nothing short of Fabulous..
my page using JJ's mini also includes the collab..

so wow.. these kits ALL compliments the collab and are sooooo a must have..
this was one of the best A5D collabs i have and having the added bonus of these mini kit addons just made a great kit awesome.. lol can you tell i love it?

A5D collab link

here are my links at DST..

Catherine Designs Page at DST

Createwings Designs Page at DST

Lily Designs Page at DST


Catherine Designs Page
Createwings Designs page
Lily Designs Page


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