Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here comes the spring kit and a note

Hey there :) long time since i posted in here

just a note to say i havent been about as we had the biggest storm i have ever lived through yesterday..
it came out of nowhere.. and although it was forecast it was so hot and sunny yesterday that we just thought yeah right..
they been telling us we would have rain since xmas and it hasnt happened..
one moment its cooking hot.. next the sky was black as ink and then wow.. wind and rain but the biggest damn hailstones i have ever seen.. smashed 3 of our windows.. and did major damage all over the city..
some roofs were ripped off in some areas.. and trees came down.. big trees.. lightening hit lots of trees too
we had flash flooding everywhere as well..
the metro area here is built on a clay base.. and coz we havent had any rain at all since november 2nd.. its very hard and water takes ages to drain through it and soften in.. so the flash flooding happened quick
power went out and it was like night at 4pm.. usually its 7.30 or so before it gets that dark.. i havent ever seen my city look that black.. we had no streetlights or traffic lights and it was kinda creepy.. so was sleeping in a black house with broken windows..lol
we had no phones and even a cell tower went near us.. so i had no cell phone either..as i couldnt get a signal till this morning..
and even now its dropping in and out.. we just got our power back after 20 hours without
although it was storming.. it was hot as hell and humid and we had no airconditioning of course as no power
altogether a shitty night.. cept the rain part was good to have..
and we have similar forecast for next 24 hours.. so i dont know if i will be here or not..
today i had a new page made with SussieM's gorgeous gorgeous new kit called 'Here comes the spring'
and its available now at ScrapBookGraphics. go check it out.. its so awesome

and here is a link to my page at DST



marzenka said...

OMG when I read about how fast it happen I'm thankful I live in a realy quiet area... we have no earthquakes, no huricanes, no vulcanos... we have flood every year but we have also a time to prepare for it...

I hope You'll have rain Heather but not that strong storm...
Hope everything end fine :
hugs :]

Lisadee said...

My gosh, that would have been scary. My husband works for ERGON ... electricty, perhaps I should have sent him over to you. I hope you have seen the last of storms like that for a while ... heck most of Australia needs rain (except us) but we can sure do without the destruction.

Frances said...

Hi Heather ... I've checked your blog a few times this past week and have wondered where you have been. My gracious. You have had a time of it recently, between car accidents and storms. I wasn't aware your part of the world had gotten hit like this. I'm thankful you are okay. I can imagine how scary it must have been while all this was going on. I hope things will calm down for you and become more peaceful. By the way, your page is gorgeous. I can't tell you how much I love this little girl picture you have used. Would you mind if I used an occasional page of yours on my blog if it matches a quote I have in mind? I would, of course, credit you and link back to you. If you'd rather not, I understand. Sweet hugs to you ....

heather said...

Frances.. that would be an honour to have you use a page on your blog whenever you would like to :)

yeah things have been kinda weird the last few weeks and although the rain was wonderful and the lightening show spectacular.. its the other stuff that isnt so good.. one news reported said after showing a car sales yard that had holes all over the windscreens and dents all over the car bodies that it was like a drive by shooting from mother nature.. and thats just what it did look like.. holes in house windows the same and patio roofing etc.. they have called it the perfect storm. we even had mudslides.. talk about everything at once.. and now its warm and sunny and no clouds to be seen..

heather said...

LOL Lisa.. we could have done with your husband over here.. there are still people who wont get power back till end of week
uggghh that would suck..
Youre right.. the rain we needed..its so dry here most of the time.. everything smells now.. there was so much water and flooding that the earth smells mouldy.. i can imagine what its like for you guys.. when that flooding gets to low levels..

heather said...

Marzenka.. thank you .. its all over now..no one was badly hurt luckily.. although several people had to get stitches from hail hitting their heads.. people who were out walking when it hit.. i would love to see your country one day.. :)

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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